Reliable Retaining Walls in Middletown, Hazlet, Matawan, NJ and their surrounding areas.

What is included in our retaining wall services?

As a team of dedicated professionals in the landscaping industry, we know how important it is to get the job done right – the first time. Retaining walls require careful planning, a keen eye for detail, and just the right setting. We bring industry-standard quality and will exceed all your expectations with state-of-the-art technology on our side. Once we assess your grading and drainage needs, we can design and install the perfect retaining wall for your property!

What sets Medich apart when considering retaining walls?

Since we offer nothing but the best in customer experience to our clients, we can guarantee:

  • The job is done right the first time every time!
  • The best in customer experience so you may have the assurance of a well-built product.
  • Top of the line advancements like our digital renderings to make sure your dream turns into a reality.

What are retaining walls exactly?

Keeping your soil at bay.

You are creating a beautiful outdoor living space nestled at the bottom of a gentle slope to your gorgeously landscaped yard. One night, a monster of a rainstorm “rains” on your parade – with the storm comes the risk of erosion, improper runoff, and a whole soaking of headaches. Retaining walls can help you enjoy the beauty of the storm without the worry of your yard coming along with it. If saving time and money on expensive damage control caused by lack of boundaries is important to you, investing in a retaining wall is just the answer you are looking for.

Functionality fused with beauty.

Depending on where you decide to create your outdoor living space, patios, walkways, and fire pits, retaining walls can provide clear outlines to the areas with gorgeous aesthetics. Made from such a wide variety of materials, you can choose the perfect look and feel for this hardscaped feature to compliment your outdoor haven.

What are the most important factors for retaining walls?

Identify what your wall will be used for.

A retaining wall often is used to keep soil in its rightful place – wherever you need it to be. It may be used to protect your patio, to prevent harmful runoff to your foundation, or for other useful reasons. Some build retaining walls to add the perfect touch to beautifully boundary their perfect outdoor kitchen, patio, or fire pit. Determining what you’re using your wall for will help you with all your other decisions regarding your hardscaping project. Let us help guide you in just the right direction!

Pick the right material for a long-lasting wall.

Maybe you are going for an outdoorsy, cabin-in-the-woods look, and picking the perfect pine for your wall is just your speed. Or maybe you want the natural stone to compliment the stone used in your fire pit or outdoor kitchen. Whatever material you choose, make sure it will enhance your space in both function and form.
We offer the finest retaining wall services for residential and commercial properties in the areas of Middletown, Hazlet, and Matawn, NJ. We do more so you can do less!