Superior Hardscaping, Landscaping, and Lawn Maintenance in Hazlet, NJ and its surrounding areas.

Named after a prominent member of the community, Dr. John Hazlet, this gorgeous township enjoys a history dating back to the mid-1800s. The old-world feel deserves to be celebrated and kept preserved.
TJ Medich’s love for the surrounding areas shows in his green work throughout Hazlet. His commitment to excellence means he never misses an appointment, always arrives on time, and maintains a pinpoint focus on customer satisfaction.

What are some of the quality services the Medich team offers to Hazlet?

Lawn Maintenance

Our attention to detail helps us be one of our industry’s most professional companies within the Hazlet area. Proper and consistent lawn maintenance not only improves the appearance of your property, but it increases the health and vitality of your lawn. We complete several quality checks to ensure a perfect result for each lawn maintenance project.


Landscaping is more than just pruning and trimming. When you step outside your front door, a smile should stretch across your face looking at your gorgeously kept flowerbeds, well-cared-for shrubs, and a beautifully designed layout. We are committed to making your vision a reality.


A simple explanation of hardscaping is in the name: the “harder” materials used to accentuate your outdoor spaces take center stage in hardscaping. Let us help you pick out the perfect rock, paver, or tile to adorn your lawn’s beauty. We can build patios, walkways, staircases, outdoor living spaces, retaining walls, fire pits, and more!

Outdoor Kitchens

Many feel the heart of a home is centered around the kitchen: why would this be different for your outdoor space? Extending your indoor living style to the great outdoors isn’t complete without a functional and beautiful outdoor kitchen. We will work with you to create a space that will allow your yard to be the toast of the neighborhood.

Retaining Walls

Sometimes the shape of your land doesn’t meet your vision of your outdoor living space. Retaining walls, to keep your soil where you want it to be, should be functional and not hard on the eyes. We will help you install retaining walls that fit into what your imagination dictates.

Aeration, Overseeding, & Dethatching

Keeping your lawn healthy is part of maintenance. A lawn that requires a little extra help to get to that healthy premium place may benefit from aeration, overseeding, or dethatching. Our experienced team can help evaluate what processes would work best for your lawn.
In addition to the services listed above, we also offer drainage, sod installation, patios, walkways, firepits, and outdoor living spaces. Trust Medich Mowing and More to serve the community of Hazlet and keep it looking beautiful. Hazlet’s old-world charm and quiet grace are enhanced best by the professional and seasoned work of our team.