Fantastic Fire Pits in Middletown, Hazlet, Matawan, NJ and their local areas.

What is included in our fire pits services?

Picture this: You’ve wrapped up another delectable meal in your outdoor kitchen, glasses of wine poured, and the light faded. Friends and family gathered around the fire, just lit, cozy, and laughing. This picture-perfect dream can easily become a reality when you work with Medich Mowing!
We can do a walkthrough of your space, and design the perfect fire pit for your needs. Once we complete your custom fire pit installation, we will teach you how to best maintain it!

What makes Medich Mowing the right choice for building my fire pit?

We prioritize customer excellence and best quality work by:

  • Focusing on the needs of our clients. We provide innovative solutions for your projects.
  • Providing professionalism in our timeliness and communication.
  • Committing to building trust with our clients through attention to detail that’s second to none.

What value does a fire pit provide my outdoor living space?

Camping without leaving your home.

While everyone may enjoy participating in activities in the great outdoors, many people cringe at the thought of sleeping and bathing in it with little creature comforts to offer. When most people envision the perks of camping, they dream of that gorgeous campfire surrounded by family and friends. Having the best of this is truly possible with the perfect fire pit for your outdoor living space.

Hello increase to property value!

We all look for ways to set ourselves apart from our neighbors, to create our own unique little corner of our world. We all look for the most cost-effective and enjoyable way to increase our property value without breaking the bank. A beautifully appointed fire pit to accent a phenomenal outdoor living space is a great way to turn up that value and have a great area to live in.

Planning a fire pit: What do I need to know?

Location matters!

A fire pit does have a purpose; after all: it’s fire. As a result, safety is a primary concern when figuring out exactly where it should be placed in relation to what is around it. Ensuring that the fire pit is produced with the safest materials that fit in is equally as important.

Fitting in with the landscape.

Much like ensuring your fire pit is placed in just the right spot for safety, fitting in with your outdoor living space is important as well. Where it would look best AND can be installed safely is the biggest question that may be asked. Luckily, our team of experts can help your outdoor space shine bright with professionalism and the highest quality.
We offer the warmest fire pit services for residential and commercial properties in the areas of Middletown, Hazlet, & Matawan, NJ. Building a fire pit can be challenging work! Call us today! We do more so you can do less!